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   DUAL GATE- Product Overview

The Dual Gate Option Module is used to activate two separate gate controllers by providing two, sequential, open gate triggers. Upon a power outage, the Dual Gate Module enables the UV/10 to open the first gate and then the second gate. Only one gate opens at a time. Each trigger is created by the closure of a set of independent dry contacts. The contacts for the first gate are available on terminals 1 and 2. The trigger contacts for the second gate are available on terminals 3 and 4.

The UV/10 is rated for a maximum current throughput of 20 amps. This is determined by the internal circuits and the circuit's breaker on the UV/10. In order for the Dual Gate Option Module to work with your system the following must be true:
1. Both Gate Operators must be wired to a single 20-amp (or less) circuit breaker.
2. Both gates together must draw less than 20 amps of current.
Once the power goes down, the UV/10 begins to supply power to the gate system and sends out an open trigger to the 1st Gate Operator through the Dual Gate Module terminals 1 & 2. The 1st Gate Operator has 30 seconds to come to the open position. After 30 seconds a second trigger output appears on terminals 3 & 4 to open the 2nd Gate Operator. Terminals 1 & 2 remain closed while the 2nd Gate is operating.

Once the 2nd Gate has opened, the UV/10 powers down. If the 1st Gate is already open and does not respond to the first trigger, the 2nd Gate will still be triggered after a 30 second delay. If the 2nd Gate is already open and does not respond to the second trigger, the UV/10 will power down after a time out of approximately 2 minutes.
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