Installation Guide
PX/10 Specifications
Important Precautions
Wiring Diagram

   PX/10- 110 VOLTS- Product Overview

The PX/10 Backup Power System is designed specifically for parking facilities to provide sinewave AC power during power outages.

During operation the PX/10 is wired in series between the AC source circuit breaker and the parking equipment. Once the main source of AC fails the PX/10 senses the loss and switches on to provide 115 VAC. With fully charged batteries, the PX/10 can provide up to 16 amps of AC current for periods of less than 1 second during motor starts.

Battery status is available through LED indicators and an alarm output. The LEDs provide an indication of the battery charge, while an audible alarm and relay contacts provide a signal and dry switch closure once the battery has reached the limit of it's capacity.

The PX/10 is housed in a weatherproof enclosure and is designed for outside use. A built in fan is provided to minimize operating temperatures during full loads.

Correct installation is critical to the proper operation of this equipment. This guide should be read and followed carefully to insure that all the warranty conditions are met.

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