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UV/10 Specifications
Automatic Mode Wiring Diagram
Manual Mode Wiring Diagram
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Installation Diagram

   UV/10- Installation Guide

Connected into your gate system, the UV/10 watches the AC line looking for a power outage. When one is detected, it comes to life and supplies power to your system in a mode selected to best meet your needs. The UV/10 is compatible with most single motor, 1/3 or 1/2 HP motorized gate systems, which draw no more than 16 amps of AC current on startup.

Two modes of operation are selectable from the three position Dip Switch that is located at the top of the UV/10 circuit board.
AUTOMATIC OPEN: This mode will start to automatically open the gate within 10 seconds after the main power goes down. Once the UV/10 opens the gate, the unit shuts down, thus assuring that traffic can flow during the power outage. Please refer to Mode Wiring Diagram for further instructions.

MANUAL OPERATION: In this mode the UV/10 will not activate until the remotely located Manual Operate switch has been closed. This switch can be tied into a fire department KNOX box or a fire alarm control panel to enable entry by emergency crews. Please refer to Mode Wiring Diagram for further instructions.

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