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Manual Mode Wiring Diagram
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Installation Diagram

   UV/10- Manual Mode Wiring Diagram

MANUAL OPERATION: When the line power goes down, backup power is supplied from the UV/10 by simply closing the Manual Operate Switch connected to the UV/10. The UV/10 will start supplying the AC Power to the Gate System, and send a signal to the command contacts of the operator. If it is connected to Open contacts, the gate will open. Once the gate has been fully opened, the UV/10 will shut off until either the breaker AC power comes back up or the Manual Operate Switch is closed while the gate is open the UV/10 will still come on and send out a signal. Since the gate is already opened, the UV/10 will shut off after a few seconds.

Before proceeding, make sure that the AC Power to the gate system has been turned off at the main breaker box. Refer to the wiring diagram for the following steps. Do not confuse the input with the out. This will cause serious damage.

TRIGGER: The UV/10 Trigger provides a dry relay contact to activate the gate system. Use No. 22 wire to connect terminals 1 and 2 of the UV/10 to the open command contacts on the Gate Controller. It is also possible to wire into the Alternate or close contacts to open and close the gate system.

MANUAL OPERATE SWITCH: Wire a normally open Push Button, Toggle, or Key switch to Pins 3 and 4 TB3 and GND on the UV/10. This switch is used to activate the UV/10 during power loss.

AC INPUT: Run AC power from the main breaker box into the AC INPUT of the UV/10. Use 12 GA wire between the breaker box and UV/10 as shown in the wiring diagram. AC power just passes through the UV/10 when the mains are live.

AC OUTPUT: Use 12 GA wire to connect the AC Output of the UV/10 to the AC Input of the gate system as shown. AC power to the operator must only come from the UV/10.

DIP SWITCH SETTING: Locate the 3-position DIP switch and set it as follows (Left to Right):
1: ON (Up)
2: OFF (Down)
3: OFF (Down)


1. Make sure the AC input power from the main breaker is off.
2. Wait until step 6 to connect the battery pack.
3. Mount the battery pack using the clamp supplied.
4. Make sure all the control and the AC input and output wires are in place.
5. Apply AC from the main breaker panel.
6. Connect the battery pack.

The UV/10 is now active and charging. It is recommended that the battery be given a few hours to come back to full charge after installation.
Operation can be tested by turning incoming main power off at the breaker and activating manual switch.

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